• Aotiyane


    Aotiyane is a half-elf raised by dwarves and taught the basics of survival in the wilds. She learned early the value of traveling light, as well as the value of being armed. As a result, Aotiyane has learned to dual-wield her pots and pans to great dest
  • Arden Surefoot

    Arden Surefoot

    Arden is a ranger who spends his most of his time in the northern reaches of the Schwarzen frontier with his wife, Errenya, an elven druid.
  • Daveak Stronghammer

    Daveak Stronghammer

    Monk seeking to discover why his monestary was destroyed
  • Keetel Reborn

    Keetel Reborn

    Keetel, after she unwittingly underwent the process of becoming a Baelnorn.
  • Keetel Tieren

    Keetel Tieren

    15-yr old human bard, female