Silvanus' Garden

Keetel's Parallel Path 2

Keetel the Bard attempts to catch up with the rest of her party

Darell and Keetel set off together, following the tracks of the Kobold raiding party. As they continue deeper into the forest, away from established civilization, the woods seem to change in nature. The light, cheerful bird songs become more scattered, the shafts of sunlight that caused the floating particulates in the air to glitter became dimmer and farther between. While the sun was beginning to sink in the sky, it did not account for the feeling of the forest, the sense of creeping danger drawing nearer.

The kobold path has, by now, become rather difficult to make out, but Darell had seemed to be confident enough in their direction. Finally, however, he paused, looking concerned. At Keetel’s questioning, Darell mentions that for the past 1/2 mile or so he hasn’t been certain of the trail, but was taking his best guess and moving ahead.

As the light wanes, they decide to move aside from the trail somewhat and make camp. As the two seek for a suitable location, they come upon the ruins of what once was a small watch tower. Only a semi-circle of crumbling stone remained, with a few spurs of metal scaffolding still standing, the rest of the masonry having been swallowed up by the forest. They decided to strike camp in the old watchtower, using the ruins as cover and concealment.

As the last of the direct sunlight faded into the dark blue of twilight, Keetel and Darell became aware of something just beyond a nearby tree watching them. As it stepped from the darker shadows into a patch of moonlight, its silhouette revealed it to be a worg. It salivated as it appeared, a ridge of fur standing on end down its back and intelligent eyes feasting on its prey. After a moment, Keetel started to imagine motions in the shadows all around. The worg’s lips curled into a low growl, revealing split and blackened incisors, jutting crooked from its black-spotted, swollen gums. It tilted back its shaggy, grey head and barked several times loudly into the air. A moment’s pause, then the reply of the rest of the pack began to echo through the surrounding forest.

The hunt was on and Darell and Keetel had to defend themselves as best they were able. Despite her best efforts, Keetel was overwhelmed by the worg. As its powerful jaws sank into her shoulder, the beast jerked her heavily to the ground. Blood seemed to fill her eyes, leaving everything a burning, red blur. As the pain began to shut down her conscious system and things started their inevitable fade to black, Keetel almost imagined she heard a deep, rough chant and felt the worg release its grip. Or it could have just been the last, seizing throws of her nervous system before she welcomed oblivion.



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