Silvanus' Garden

Keetel's Parallel Path

While the rest of the party left to pursue the Kobold, Keetel was left, writing her music

As Keetel, Salutara, and Daveak speak with the bitten guard in the Administrator’s house, Keetel has a flash of inspiration for a hit single about a vampire who desires to take a mortal woman as his new bride. The lyrics go something like this:

What is this feeling, I’m feeling inside
A secret, dark stirring, makes me want to die
I think of that girl and I feel so alive
Wanna rise again and drink her wine
Take her blood, make her mine, mine, mine, all mine.

Mina, Mina baby, you’ll be white and all corpsified
Mina, Mina baby, you’ll be my vampiric bride.

How can I find you, I’ll find you some day
A sepia picture, it gave you away
Thanks to my guest for his unwitting behest
Wanna rise again and drink your wine
Take your blood, make you mine, mine, mine, all mine.

Mina, Mina baby, you’ll join my unholy rite
Mina, Mina baby, you’ll feel my sensual bite.

And you’ll feel like you never died
And you’ll feel like a wild ride
And you’ll feel like a vampire bride.


While Keetel writes her first forays into the Goth scene, the rest of the party leaves without her, leaving her to her work.

A couple hours later, she emerges from the bungalow with her new lyrics and goes looking for the party to give them a preview of the song. Some of the slaves, who have begun to recover their faculties, gathered around to thank Keetel for her part in defending the camp and, in the conversation, asked Keetel why she’d been left by the party. This was news to her and she rushed to the Administrator to find out where they’d gone.

The Administrator at first dismissed Keetel, but upon consideration, granted her request for a tracker to lead her down the trail the rest of the party had taken. She had the visceral feeling, though, that the Administrator’s change of heart was not genuine, and that he had an ulterior motive somehow. Regardless, she was on the road, on the trail of the kobolds, and the rest of the party.

After several hours into the wilds, the tracker assigned by the Administrator assaulted Keetel, throwing a bag over her head and tying her hands and feet. He regretfully explained that this was the only way for him to get his freedom, which he would be granted upon taking Keetel’s heart back to the Administrator. Apparently, Keetel knew too much about the Administrator and needed to be silenced (blast that bardic knowledge!)

Just as the tracker was about to behead Keetel, he was shot from behind by a tall, slender man wearing light, black armor. The man, named Darell, checked to ensure that the tracker was truly dead and then asked Keetel how she was doing. A cleric for his god, one whom Keetel did not recognize (she rolled a 1 on her knowledge check), he was following the trail of the kobolds as well and, upon learning of her intentions, offered to travel with her until she found her friends.



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