Silvanus' Garden

From Nessis to the Slave Lumber Camp

After the party had rested Arden says the following morning that it is time to depart. As they go to the gate the guard questions them and advises them not to go in the forest, as none ever return the same. The party thanks him and then passes the gate which closes behind them with a solid “thunk” as the bolts are put into place.
The party then starts to follow the well-worn trail to the camp. Along the way they see an outcropping of rocks with a cave. Approaching with caution Sellek notices the trip wire that would notify the inhabitants of the cavern of approaching travellers. The party then hides behind the rock while Potestatem pulled the trip wire. Immediately three dwarves leave the cavern with hungry looks upon their faces and start advancing towards Potestatem. He immediately tells them to halt, to which the laugh until the party appears surrounding them. They quickly plead for peace just saying that they didn’t like people snooping around and just wanted to be left alone. The party was going to leave them when a claw barely misses Bravianna from the entrance of the cave.
To the party’s horror, a Cavern Creeper, was in the cave and almost was able to use the dwarf as a human shield. It quickly retreated into the cave forcing the party to use a lantern to spot the creature. Potestatem quickly puts the creature to sleep and Daveak finishes the creature off. During the battle the dwarves ran off and so the party continued onwards towards the lumber camp.
With the camp in sight a cry of distress resounded in the woods. All but Arden went to investigate finding a bunch of slaves being attacked by a troop of goblins. Taking the side of the slaves the party quickly dispatches the goblins and discovers an amazing artifact, a Bag of Holding! Though not like any bag of holding they have seen before as all objects placed into the bag disappear. Daveak knowing that a Bag of Holding with release all the contents when inverted, asked Sellek to turn the bag inside out. This resulted in nothing but a slight tear in the seam. Keetel thinking that she could mend the seam put her finger near it and immediately a piece of her finger was devoured by the bag. This gave Sellek an excellent idea to use the Bag of Devouring as a sock puppet weapon, suitably nicknamed “Bitey”. With the slaves rescued, the party reached the lumber camp.



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