Silvanus' Garden

Demise of Aurgie

After deliberation a plan is hatched to scare the guards upstairs to flee outside by having the captured necromancer run out of the house screaming that the experiments are loose and in the mayhem have the slaves run out behind. The first part goes according to plan though while everyone is escaping the city guards rush into the estate looking to capture Aurgie. Not wanting to be questioned a portion of the group rushes upstairs to find Aurgie and deliver the message they were sent to give. Sellek having his mouth run before his mind threatens the guards that he will burn down the house unless they are given answers which of course results in the guards attacking. Keteel calls down her Celestial Beetle and Potestatem summons a wild ape that quickly takes out the guards along with the party, from the last cowering surviving guard they learn that Aurgie is in the next room over and go off to confront him with the message. Aurgie laughs and turns and exits to another room but Daveak follows and in his anger attacks the man who destroyed his monastery. Though there are many close calls with Sellek almost forever lost from this world, Daveak delivers his final blow crying out with his killing, “For my friends, teachers and the order of the Paragon Monks.” Righteous vengeance had been dealt against the main attacker and quickly the party took the back passage to escape to the tavern.

After arriving at the tavern, Arden sits with Daveak and Braveyre and thanks them for their assistance in escaping Aurgie’s trap. He goes on to says to them, “I thank you both deeply for your aid, we may not have survived the undead were it not for your help. I hope, though, that I may enlist your aid again. I have no call or right to command, but I have assembled this party to aid me in reclaiming my wife. We were making our way south along the edge of the explored forest and were attacked by a raiding party of monsters, led by some unnatural creature which I have never before seen. We tried to escape, but even with the aid of her druidic magics, she was taken into the deep woods. I have reason to believe her to be a captive and still alive, but I knew I could not free her alone. This is why I’m seeking all the help I can get. I don’t know what evils lurk between me and my wife, but I cannot fail in this thing.”

Daveak ponders on the words as he rests and meditates. He then leaves to do some shopping to replace the items lost in the monastery. After picking up the supplies and avoiding the party’s thief, Sellek, his mind returns to Arden comments the night before. He remembers the training the morning of the attack on the monastery. He had practice with Master Elhorn the art of disarming his opponent with the sai before heading off to the nearby village. Then that attack came and though his masters and friends could have taken on the “army” that Lord Aurgie sent, it was the dragons that did them in as the dragons could traverse into the ethereal plane and take out the master monks who were using the plane to traverse between attacks. He was troubled as he couldn’t figure out why Lord Aurgie would have attacked the monastery. Was is Aurgie’s plan or was he ordered by those who had been performing the experiments in the basement? Looking down at the ring he had retrieved from the bowels of the Dire Rat while imprisoned he realized that most likely the two events were connected since his order had worked on the skills and spells to make sure the undead stayed dead after one who wielded the ring slayed an undead. Anger rose in Daveak’s chest as he realized though slaying Aurgie was part of getting his revenge those that worked on animating and reanimating the dead were the ones truly responsible. He will need to find this “Wildthorn” place that was mentioned in the journal. Thought it might not be the place where this Master Delorn is, it is the next link in the puzzle.



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