Silvanus' Garden

Aurgie's Dungeon Experiments

Daveak remembering his promise made to the cleric requests the assitance of Arden’s party in rescuing the slaves. As his party was already heading into the manor they agreed to help and through the secret enterence they go. Leaving Arden and Potestatem’s weasel to alert them of any ambush on their exit. It wasn’t long until they received a blood stained note declaring the single word, “many”. With this they entered the dungeon and Sellek sealed the doors behind them.

Within the dungeon, the party engaged the hallway patrols, one of whom managed to sound the alarm, initiating a battle in the hallways. The battle would have easily been containable until the door was opened to a room containing a summoning chamber, complete with abominations and a necromancer. To further complicate matters, some of the guards began attacking the imprisoned slaves, forcing the party to divide yet again to protect them. With the aid of the cleric who healed Braveyre earlier, the slaves were once again protected—for the moment.

Finally, the adventurers pulled off a victory with only a few injuries and began the process of sorting through the items carried by the guards and found in nearby rooms cleared of their residents. Among the treasures discovered was a large tome, written in cipher, which Daveak was able to translate. It revealed the nature of the barbaric experiments being conducted on
the slaves and the horrors that this research would unleash upon the world. The party also learned that Aurgie was being used as a tool for someone much greater—a being named “Delorn” (Lore DC: 30), of whom nothing seemed to be known. Another mention was of a location called Wildthorne Keep, a location of which no one seemed to be familiar (Lore DC: 20).

Text from the Tome:

Entry 1:
Day 35 of Year 671 of the realm. Patient 4 bears up remarkably well to the grafts. I believe that she’ll last for another 3 sessions before the Transition. Her donors have now been Transitioned themselves, thus removing the mental deterioration that has to wear on her physically. With that factor removed, I think we can add several muscle sets and significantly improve the subject’s agility on a more permanent basis.

Entry 2:
Day 60 of Year 671 of the realm. We have finally made a key breakthrough. Perhaps we have even beaten our brethren at Wildthorn. If we complete the transition while the subject is barely alive, we can spawn undead that can be reanimated if they are destroyed in battle. Just think of the possibilities! Twice Undead! The power of any army, if properly supported, will be doubled. DeLorn will be very pleased. I have sent off a report.

Entry 3:
Day 78 of Year 671 of the realm: I am finally in accord with the Master Warden, it is good we weakened the subjects as much as we have. While the undead we are creating here are nearly double the strength of their living selves, we are still mastering exerting full control of their wills. Today one of the compilations broke its will free and devoured parts of three of our subjects before the guards were able to destroy it. We learned a valuable positive externality—while the creature fed, its own muscle tissue grew in direct proportion to the mass of the limbs devoured. Indeed, we are very fortunate to have used such weakened test subjects. The ideal subjects, however, would be children—physically very weak, but with strong wills. I must consult with that fool Aurgie on the matter and see what can be arranged.

Entry 4:
Day 102 of Year 671 of the realm. Received word from DeLorn today. He is most pleased with our work and instructs us to finish with our current subjects, then use the undead to destroy all those in Nissas who know of the program. I will be most grateful to be rid of Aurgie and this miserable hamlet."



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