Silvanus' Garden

Aurgie's Dungeon Cleanout

Now that the group had finished initial fight with the dungeon guards and gathered the scattered loot including the journal. Potestatem decides that it might be a good idea to see what is behind a few doors and opens onto an experiment of raising the undead which unleashes more undead opponents upon the group. Fighting for their lives and the lives of the slaves the fight bravely, however in the middle of battle a well armored warrior followed by a powerful necromancer enter from the mess hall. Strangely though, instead of joining the battle the necromancer freezes all the combatants in place and both rush out a secret entrance by the main slave prison. Seeing their leaders have left the party quickly defeats all the undead turning their efforts to question the two living necromancers. Their questions reveal that the Amulet found by Selleck in a chest actually is a sign of allegiance with the goblins and can be used for safe passage into the woods.



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