Silvanus' Garden

Adventures of Daveak and Bravianna

Starting off in Aurgie’s dungeon Daveak and Bravianna have been locked in the dungeon along with a multitude of slaves and a cleric. Bravianna had been just returned from the experimentation room where they had removed a large portion of the arm mussel. When Daveak asked the cleric to heal Bravianna’s arm he as first rejected saying that he used to heal but then they are taken away for additional pain, better to die sooner. But after promising to protect the slaves the cleric heals her arm just when a pair of dire rats some through a small hoel and start attacking. Quickly dispatching the rats results in Daveak finding a ring of his monk order and puts it on. Just then the guards come and take Bravianna and Daveak to the experimental room cells. Using her ability to slip through the bars Bravianna escapes and engadges the guards while Daveak trys to escape his cell. After many attempts, and right before reenforcements for the guards come, Daveak slips through and they escape upstairs and outside.

Meanwhile Arden’s party leaves the tavern and heads towards Aurgie’s estate when they encounter a person who motions them off the road. He says that there is a back enterance to Aurgie’s estate that will get them into the manor without dealing with the guards. While they follow them, Sellek picks a piece of paper out of their guide’s pocket which reveals that though he started out on their side has turned over to Aurgie’s side and is leading them into a trap, confronted with this evidence the guide says that he will help them instead. The party then heads towards the secret enterence when two people come running towards them with a troop of guards close on their heels. Quickly the party attacks the guards and slays three of the seven guards while allowing the other 4 badly wounded guards to depart and find employment in a distant land.

Entire party advances to level 2



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